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Maxwellian Capital
Early-Stage Investments and Unparalleled Support

Fueling Today's Potential, Shaping Tomorrow's Success

We invest in early-stage founders. At Maxwellian Capital, we're more than investors; we're your strategic partners. Leveraging our expertise in AI, Emerging tech, and Financial Services, we help you reach scale and unlock exponential growth.

About the Firm

Transforming Potential into Performance for Founders

Empowering underrepresented tech founders to scale innovations from pre-seed to success.

Maxwellian Capital is a London-based VC firm specializing in early-stage investments in AI startups. We offer capital, mentorship, and a Venture Studio model for hands-on operational support. Our seasoned team focuses on de-risking and accelerating growth, creating a thriving ecosystem for long-term success.
Our focus areas
  • AI
  • Emerging Tech
  • health tech

Meet Our Team

Alireza Hassani

Managing Partner

Ethan Anthony

Managing Partner

Pervez Gibbs

Venture Partner

Daisy Vayghan

Fueling Innovations & Bridging You to 100+ VCs Partners

More Than Just a VC: Your Growth Partner for Long-Term Success

Venture Studio: At Maxwellian Capital, we specialize in Generative AI. We provide tech entrepreneurs and businesses the focus and resources they need, along with partnerships with other leading institutions.

Our reach extends beyond our portfolio. We have a robust network that includes other related VCs and international investment institutions, ensuring you have the best funding opportunities.

Our strategic partnerships extend into sales and Go-to-Market strategies, providing a comprehensive support system for validation, growth, and success.